The purpose of the Arkansas Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous (ARSCNA) is to be supportive of its member Areas and Groups and their primary purpose of carrying the Narcotics Anonymous message to the addict who still suffers. This is achieved by associating the Areas and Groups within its geographical boundaries and to serve as a communication link between them. The ARSCNA also exists to assist its member Areas and Loner Groups with situations and needs outside the scope of their experience and to provide identified services on a statewide basis. Through all of this, the Arkansas Regional Service Committee encourages the growth of the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. Although the Arkansas Regional Service Committee members may offer experience, strength, and hope as well as suggestions, the ARSCNA does not have binding authority over the decisions or activities of any Areas or any Groups.

The Arkansas Regional Service Committee (ARSCNA) was formed in September of 1990. It is a committee made up of Trusted Servants from its member Areas and Groups that come together to serve as a resource to the Narcotics Anonymous community within the Arkansas Region. This committee is designed to serve by addressing the common needs of its member Areas and Loner Groups. The ARSCNA serves several basic functions:

1. To carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous through the actions of the ARSCNA
2. To unify the Areas and Loner Groups within the Arkansas Region through open lines of communication and sharing
3. To contribute to the growth of Narcotics Anonymous by initiating much of the work to be finalized at the World Service Conference
4. To provide funding, as well as, human resources for World Services
5. Permanent Regional Mailing Address established 9/94; updated 6/6/99.  Arkansas Regional Service Committee of NA, 1310 Eastside Centre Ct 6 216, Mountain Home, AR 72653


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